The Oak Grove Middle School yearbook staff is busy preparing another exciting book full of memories for the students at our school. 

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The last day to pre-order your 2016/17 Yearbook is March 10th!

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 The cost of a yearbook is $43.

Grizzly Yearbook Package
1 Yearbook
1 Name Stamp
1 Icon

All for only $46.00!

8th Grade Ad Information
Do you have an 8th grader?
Show them how proud you are of them by putting an 8th Grade Ad in their yearbook!

There are multiple options for photo sizes and usage available.

All add content must be submitted digitally to Ms. Brink. 

All payment/forms 
are due by Friday, January 27th.

8th Grade Ad Form

How to Order Your Yearbook

3 Ways to Order:
Online: Click on the banner above to go to the SmartPay Website

Mail:If you wish to order by mail, download the form below:

and send to the following address:

 Balfour Yearbook
PO Box 650549
Dallas TX, 75265

Phone: Order by calling 1-800-853-1337

*Please do not send your child to school with yearbook money!*

After you order check your order status:
-Go to
-Enter your Order ID #
-View to print receipt

Yearbook Advisors

Courtney Carr

Brandi Brink

Yearbook Meeting Dates
All meeting times will be immediately after school, until 4:30.


  • 13th (Tuesday)
  • 27th (Tuesday)


  • 4th (Tuesday)
  • 11th (Tuesday)


  • 17th (Thursday)
  • Moved to the 21st (Monday)


  • 5th (Monday)


  • 12th (Thursday)
  • 26th (Thursday)
  • 30th (Monday)


  • 7th (Tuesday)‚Äč Moved to the 6th (Monday)
  • 21st (Tuesday)


  • 7th (Tuesday)
  • 27th (Monday)