Congratulations to our student-athletes on winning the 2021-2022 DCMSC Excellence in Athletics!!


📣🥎🏀2016-2017, 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 DCMSC Excellence in Athletics🏈 ⚾️🏐

Fall Sports: Cheerleading, Football, Softball
Winter Sports: Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Basketball
Spring Sports: Baseball, Volleyball
Head Coaches:
Cheerleading: Kathryn Binkley
Football: Larry Williams
Softball: Kristin Elmore
Girls Basketball: Josh Weaver
Boys Basketball: BJ Harris
Baseball: Larry Williams
Volleyball: Kristin Elmore
Athletic Director: BJ Harris ([email protected])
Eligibility Information

Requirements for Participation
• Complete and have on file the DCS Participation form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file the DCS Residency Verification form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file a current NCHSAA Pre-participation form (within 395 days).
• Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Eligibility Consent to Participate Form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Gfeller-Waller student concussion form (yearly).
• Age-under 15 with a birthdate of August 31.
• Student must be enrolled into power school in which the student attends.

Academic Requirements
• Athletic eligibility is based off the previous semester. A student upon
entering the 6th grade begins his/her process for obtaining eligibility to
compete on 7th grade fall athletic teams (South Davidson 5th grade due
South Davidson is allowed 6th grade participation).
• Students must meet state and local promotion standards. DCS requires in
grades 6, 7, and 8, a student must have a final average of at least 60 in
Language Arts and Math and a final average of at least 60 in Science or
Social Studies. (Student Handbook)
• A student must pass all courses less one in which he/she is enrolled during
the previous semester in order to be eligible.
• Athletics have 4 consecutive semesters in which they can participate while in
middle school (South Davidson 6 consecutive semesters).
• The principal of the school may request a hardship is the student fails to
meet the eligibility requirements; if the reason was beyond the control of the
school, the student, or parent. The DCS System AD handles all hardship