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⚾️Congratulations to the 2022 Davidson County Middle School Champions!⚾️
 Caden Reedy
 Grayson Messer
 Camden Coons
 Tyler Rausch
 Bradley Byrd
 Graham Binkley
 Lathan Pruitt
 Seth Yarbrough
 Max Parrish
 Carson Everhart
Cam Sharpe
 Caden Smith
Aidan Murphy
 Jackson Hilton
 Carson Cromer
 Brayden Grover
Grayson Treadway
Addison Terry
 Tyson Harris
Mason Snow
Mason Crouse

Requirements for Participation
• Complete and have on file the DCS Participation form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file the DCS Residency Verification form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file a current NCHSAA Pre-participation form (within 395 days).
• Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Eligibility Consent to Participate Form (yearly).
• Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Gfeller-Waller student concussion form (yearly).
• Age-under 15 with a birthdate of August 31.
• Student must be enrolled into power school in which the student attends.

Academic Requirements
• Athletic eligibility is based off the previous semester. A student upon
entering the 6th grade begins his/her process for obtaining eligibility to
compete on 7th grade fall athletic teams (South Davidson 5th grade due
South Davidson is allowed 6th grade participation).
• Students must meet state and local promotion standards. DCS requires in
grades 6, 7, and 8, a student must have a final average of at least 60 in
Language Arts and Math and a final average of at least 60 in Science or
Social Studies. (Student Handbook)
• A student must pass all courses less one in which he/she is enrolled during
the previous semester in order to be eligible.
• Athletics have 4 consecutive semesters in which they can participate while in
middle school (South Davidson 6 consecutive semesters).
• The principal of the school may request a hardship is the student fails to
meet the eligibility requirements; if the reason was beyond the control of the
school, the student, or parent. The DCS System AD handles all hardship


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