Candace Pennington » ELA Syllabus 2018-2019

ELA Syllabus 2018-2019

Grading Assignments

Classwork/Homework = 25%  (5 or more assignments per quarter)

Minor Work(quizzes, SSR Logs, rough drafts) =35%  (4 or more assignments per quarter)

Major Work(tests, published writing topics, projects(extension activities), presentations) = 40%  (3 or more assignments per quarter)

Late Assignments

Late Assignments will be accepted, but there will be a deduction up to 25 points. If assignment is NOT turned in within a week of the due date, every attempt will be made to contact the parent.  Every student will be held accountable for work NOT completed.  In some cases, special activities will not be allowed if a student owes work.   



I like to assign at least ONE project each quarter.  These projects are designed to expand on literature with themes we have discussed in class.  Formal writing topics will be matched with the readings of different genres covered in class.  Students will use an online resource called, Paper Rater before final submissions occur.  

Students are encouraged to brainstorm ideas in their composition notebook and work through the writing process. Each quarter, it is expected that students will use two topics based on a particular theme and finalize a copy to turn in to Ms. Pennington in google classroom.  

SSR:  Self Selected Reading is a requirement in ELA.  Students are allowed to have a book of their choice.  This can be their own book, one from OGMS Media Center or Davidson County Public Library.  A log is required to keep up with personal reflections about the book.  

Make-Up Work:  Every child is responsible for completing work missed.  Please PLAN Ahead.  Talk to your teachers, or email when there is an issue or a question.  Check grades often!! 



Control vs Controlled   Perception vs Reality   Truth vs Deception   Discrimination vs Tolerance


Google Classroom:

Most of your writing/project assignments will be turned in here. You will also find valuable resources and various class assignments as well.  Make sure you check google classroom often for announcements and follow directions and expectations ALWAYS!

Teacher e-mail:  This is the best way for parents AND students to get a hold of me.  I check mail every morning before school starts and will respond promptly.