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Mrs. Thrift

This is my second year at Oak Grove Middle School and couldn't be more excited!  
I am teaching 8th Grade Social Studies where we cover U.S. History through a North Carolina perspective.  
I've been in the classroom for 9 years.  I began my career as an Exceptional Children Teacher and transitioned into the Social Studies classroom.  
I earned my college degree from NC A&T State University with a focus in History.  
I am the 2019-2020 Oak Grove Middle School Teacher of the Year.
If you are available to be an EOG Proctor PLEASE contact the school.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
Social Studies NCFE:  May 24th
Math EOG:  May 29th
Reading EOG:  May 30th
Science:  May 31st
(More information is provided under the "Testing Proctors" tab)