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Classwork and Homework

November 11 - 15

Monday 11/11

Veteran's Day - Holiday


Tuesday 11/12

Gimkit - Review for Reformation Test; Work on Historical Figure: Martin Luther Assignment in Google Classroom 

HW: Study for Test on the Reformation - use notes on pages 24,25,26 in notebook and quizlet.


Wednesday 11/13

Reformation Test; Finish on Historical Figure: Martin Luther Assignment in Google Classroom - if you do not finish in class you will need to finish for HW; work on "The Breadwinner" questions for Chapters 6,7,8


Thursday 11/14

Anyone that has not turned in their work for the Historical Figure: Martin Luther Assignment in Google Classroom will have to at the beginning of class. Scientific Revolution video - overview of information, picture cards, and notes from the textbook (page 28)


Friday 11/15

TAME - Domestic Violence program


November 4 - 8

Spirit Week!!

Monday 11/4

Finish any items from pages 24 and 25 from Friday. Use class time to discuss and review the information to prepare for a "Causes of the Reformation" 10 question assessment tomorrow. Textbook pages needed for the back of page 25 are linked here.


Tuesday 11/5

Use Kahoot to review for assessment, 10 question assessment using google forms. (altered schedule due to Math Benchmark)


Wednesday 11/6

Students will complete the notes for page 26, Protestant Reformation using the slides posted in Google Classroom. 


Thursday 11/7

Effects of the Reformation - CW grade - students will use reading and text in their textbook to help with the answers to the handout. pages740-745    pages 750 - 754 Here are the links to these pages if needed. - This handout will also be a page in their notebook (page 27). 


Friday 11/8

Check "Effects of the Reformation, Martin Luther - Historical Figure 

HW: Study for test on Wednesday 11/13 on the Reformation - use pages 24-27 to study and quizlet if needed. 


October 28 - November 1

Monday 10/28

Teacher Work Day


Tuesday 10/29

Start new section of SS notebook for 2nd nine weeks - paper protector provided with new table of contents, Finish all of your "Renaissance Artists" items - page 23, Digital Breakout Box - Renaissance (for review and hero bucks)

HW: Study for test tomorrow on the Renaissance - make sure pages 21, 22, 23 are complete for you to use tomorrow. 


Wednesday 10/30

Renaissance Unit Test, "The Breadwinner" - read Chapter 6


Thursday 10/31

Use extension "Pear Deck" to introduce information about the Protestant Reformation. This extension is an interactive way for students to type in feedback and comments using an existing google slide presentation as it is teacher led on their screens. 


Friday 11/1

Build your knowledge about the Reformation - The Catholic Church during the 1500s Bubble Map (page 24) and Martin Luther: What is his role? (page 25)


October 21 - October 25

Monday 10/21

Finish notes on page 22 in the first 10 minutes of class, Review information in the notes, Complete the Socrative on the Renaissance, use notes and pages 712-727.

Tuesday 10/22

Finish and Enter your answers into the Socrative session that you worked on yesterday, Gimkit on the Renaissance to review and keep information fresh for upcoming test. Also, quizlet is posted in Google Classroom to help prepare. 

Wednesday 10/23

Use the resources in Google Classroom to complete the "Renaissance Artists" page (#23 in NTBK)

Thursday 10/24

Review for 1st Quarter Benchmark - Google Classroom

Friday 10/25

Alternative Schedule due to PBIS Reward time from 2-3

1st Quarter Social Studies Benchmark Test

**** End of the 1st Quarter ****


October 14 - October 18

Monday 10/14

Finish and Review answers for page 18 (Europeans Explore and Settle in the Americas), Complete Study Guide (page 19);

HW: STUDY -  Prepare for TEST tomorrow - use pages 11-19 in notebook to study and use quizlet to supplement your pages in notebook. (Exploration Quizlet)

Tuesday 10/15

Exploration Unit Test - 25 questions, administered in Google Classroom/Google form

(Classes will be 45 minutes due to Solar Oven Lab)


Wednesday 10/16

Introduction to the Renaissance: Use of Flocabulary lyrics and audio to help identify at least 6 items that define this time in history (page 20 bubble map); Use the textbook to make connections with prior knowledge on Feudalism. Questions and terms need to be completed by using the specific pages in the textbook (page 21)

Thursday 10/17

Finish page 21 "Origins of the Renaissance" (if you were absent the presentation of the information is posted in Google Classroom); Classwork assessment on "Birthplace of the Renaissance" - students use a 10 minute video and History atlas map to answer the questions. Resources posted in Google Classroom. 

Friday 10/18

Finish Classwork assessment "Birthplace of the Renaissance" if needed. Fill in page 20 for notebook. The Renaissance and it's importance. Students will be provided the presentation and the students will need to fill in the appropriate notes for their notebook (page 22 - two pages)


October 7 - October 11

Den Time this week - Reading of "The Breadwinner" and understanding of the story - Google Classroom Assignment posted to start completing for Chapters 1-5

Monday 10/7

Recap "Exploration Rotation" (page 12) - back page will be collected tomorrow for a CW/HW grade, Vocabulary review (page 13); Submit your answers on your Socrative Minor Assessment you completed in class Friday electronically - when finished turn in hard copy and use quizlet to review terms and concepts; Columbian Exchange notes (page 14). 

HW: Complete back page of #12 - Map of Europe if not completed; Study for test that will be Tuesday, October 15.


Tuesday 10/8

Turn in page #12: Map of Europe for CW grade. Teacher collected. Review Columbian Exchange; Brainpop video to assist with chart and questions; (page 15 in notebook) Brainpop questions will be a CW grade. Kahoot to keep Exploration information fresh. 

HW: Study for test that will be Tuesday, October 15.


Wednesday 10/9

Turn in BrainPop Columbian Exchange page 15 for CW grade. Use the resource SAS Curriculum Pathways for exploring the details of the Age of Exploration: Spain in the New World and complete guided notes paper as we use it (page 16)

HW: Study for test that will be Tuesday, October 15.


Thursday 10/10

Economic Connection of Age of Exploration: Growth of Trade - Global Trade - using our textbook at the main resource today to complete a handout that corresponds with the reading material. (page 17)

HW: Study for test that will be Tuesday, October 15.


Friday 10/11

Use History Atlas pages to complete map related questions on Exploration.(page 18) Innovations in Exploration article and complete graphic organizer (back of page 18) to explain the innovations that had an impact on exploration. Video segment to supplement the reading. 

HW: Study for test that will be Tuesday, October 15.


September 30 - October 4

Den Time this week - Reading of "The Breadwinner" and understanding of the story

Monday 9/30

Geography of Europe (teacher led discussion) Information Text: Reasons for Exploration - annotate the reading and create a graphic organizer for Motives/Reasons for Exploration  -- Outcomes/Advancements due to Exploration. (page 11 in notebook)


Tuesday 10/1

Finish Motives/Reasons for Exploration  -- Outcomes/Advancements due to Exploration - notes side of the paper (page 11 in notebook); Students started a Exploration "Rotation" of reasons to help identify and explain the following areas: 7 main Reasons for Exploring, The Need for Spices, Famous Explorers and their Claim to fame, Life on a Ship, and Impact/Effects of Exploration. 


Wednesday 10/2

Finish Exploration "Rotation" information.


Thursday 10/3

Review and go over the needed information in the "Exploration Rotation", discussion, correct papers, video clips to enhance info. HW: The last portion of the rotation was "Map of Europe"  10 Map Skill questions about Europe. These need to be completed before entering class tomorrow. It will be a CW/HW grade. Students were told at the beginning of class and end of class about this needed assignment. 


Friday 10/4

Exploration Vocabulary (page 13 in NTBK), complete 15 assessment questions using the textbook reading on pages 762-769 and 770-775. These pages elaborate and repeat the information learned from the "Exploration Rotation". This will be a minor assessment grade. (Test on exploration will not be for another week but students need to review any notes from each day.)


September 23 - 27

Monday 9/23

Turn in your U.S Constitution Scavenger Hunt; update your table of contents in notebook, complete notes for page 8 - Economics - using Google classroom slides. Discussion of Economic Systems.


Tuesday 9/24

Finish discussion of notes from page 8 - Economic Systems; Advantages/Disadvantages of Economic Systems sorting activity; Use Article to further understanding of Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism and answer questions using the Article. Ticket out the Door HW: Study notes and use quizlet to help assist in understanding 


Wednesday 9/25

Complete the Economic Concept questions as you watch "The Lorax"; review the concept of Communism with using Brainpop

HW: Study notes and use quizlet to help assist in understanding 


Thursday 9/26

Discuss "The Lorax" and why it connects with our content; Scenario Activity to review each Economic System; Study Guide (4 sqaure &Matrix) to help master your understanding of each type of system. HW: Study notes and use quizlet to help assist in understanding 


Friday 9/27

Quiz over Economic Systems; If time permits, "The Breadwinner" read as a class chapter 3


September 16 - 20

Monday 9/16

Turn in Themes of Geography Project - Mrs. Skeen explained how to attach your slide presentation to the assignment ; Finish page 5 in notebook (Types of Government) - all types need at least two examples (countries) - use Jr. Scholastic Almanac to finish examples; Complete Limited/Unlimited Government handout - CW grade; If time allows - Types of Government  HW: Study for test - Quizlets are in Google Classroom and here,


Tuesday 9/17 

Turn in Limited/Unlimited Government Handout; Use notes on Types of Government to complete the practice sheet on examples - grade in class. Start U.S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt. HW: Study for test - Quizlets are in Google Classroom and here,



Work on U.S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt; Discuss the background of the novel we will be reading - The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis and read first few pages aloud in class. HW: Study for test - Quizlets are in Google Classroom and here,


Thursday 9/19

Remember to finish your U.S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt - Due September 23 (time at the test tomorrow can be used to work on it; Quizlet live used to prepare for test on Types of Government and 9/11 terms; Read "The Breadwinner"  HW: Study for test - Quizlets are in Google Classroom and here,


Friday 9/20

Test on Types of Government ; Finish U.S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt - due Monday; Read chapters 1& 2 of "The Breadwinner"


September 9 - 13

Monday 9/9

Geography Unit Test, Work on Theme of Geography Project (Google Classroom) (each den time with Mrs. Skeen this week will be devoted to working on the project - even Thursday )


Tuesday 9/10

Roles of Government - discussion of each role and provide three examples for each role, start the back "Foundations of Government" using textbook. (page 4 in notebook)


Wednesday 9/11

Background of 9/11 - Discussion with student sharing their knowledge, Nick News special.


Thursday 9/12

Identify 11 terms to know about 9/11 - page 6 in notebook, completed the back side of the paper-  students used posters around the room to explain the impacts of 9/11 answering the guided questions for each impact topic, last 15 minutes work on Themes of Geography project.


Friday 9/13

Finish the back of page 4 of notebook with the pages listed from textbook, notes and examples of types of governments for page 5 (teach-led notes). Projects will be submitted on Monday due to time used in class to finish government items. Quizlets posted in Google Classroom to study for upcoming test on Government types and terms to know of 9/11.


September 2 - 6

Monday 9/2

Labor Day - Holiday


Tuesday 9/3

Start Five Themes of Geography, page 3 in notebook - fill in notes from guided slides in class, sketch an example for each theme, start geography vocabulary.

HW: Be able to use relative location in association with your house to the school.


Wednesday 9/4

Finish page 3 of Notebook on Themes of Geography, Vocabulary related to topics, join Google Classroom and trouble shoot any computer log in issues


Thursday 9/5

Review of Themes of Geography, Kahoot, Classwork Assessment in Google Form, Introduce Theme of Geography Project


Friday 9/6

Work on Theme of Geography Project


August 26 - August 30

First day of school - 1st quarter dates (8/26 - 10/25)
Monday 8/26
Discuss all items in the handbook during each class. Explain expectations of class.
HW: Prepare for a Continents and Oceans Quiz on Friday - study where the 7 continents of the world are located as well as the Oceans
Tuesday 8/27
Icebreaker activity with key Social Studies words, Notebook setup, view teacher website and how it is used, 6 reasons why we learn about social studies brainstorming activity - discuss findings.
HW: Prepare for a Continents and Oceans Quiz on Friday - study where the 7 continents of the world are located as well as the Oceans
Wednesday 8/28
Geography Review (page 1 in NTBK) - teacher led notes on key terms to know, map skills to complete on world map and to create a usable world map to study in preparation for quiz Friday
HW: If "Geography Review page is not finished in class it is for homework, Prepare for a Continents and Oceans Quiz on Friday - study where the 7 continents of the world are located as well as the Oceans
Thursday 8/29
Check CW/HW page "Geography Review", Complete Map Skills handout "Know Your Way Around" (page 2 NTBK) - both items will be a CW/HW grade
HW: Prepare for a Continents and Oceans Quiz on Friday - study where the 7 continents of the world are located as well as the Oceans
Friday 8/30
Continents and Oceans Quiz, Cybersafety Lesson - Digital footprint information