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Notebook - Table of Contents

Table of Contents 

 A notebook is required for your Social Studies class. A "one-inch" binder is needed. Pages are usually hole-punched when received by the students but a hole punch is available in the classroom. Also, the students in class take time each day/week to put things in order and update the student's copy if the table of contents. These pages need to be in order and complete to be counted for their notebook grade (minor grade) at the end of each nine weeks. 


1st Nine Weeks Notebook Items (pages 1-20)

  1. Geography Review (CW/HW grade)
  2. Know Your Way Around (CW/HW grade)
  3. The Five Themes of Geography
  4. The "4" Roles of a Government
  5. Types of Government 
  6. 11 Terms to Know about 9-11
  7. U.S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt
  8. Economics 
  9. Economic Concepts/"The Lorax"
  10. 4-square&Matrix - Economic Systems
  11. Reasons for the Age of Exploration
  12. Exploration "Rotation" (two pages)
  13. Exploration Vocabulary
  14. The Columbian Exchange
  15. The Columbian Exchange Brainpop
  16. Age of Exploration: Spain in the New World
  17. Exploration: Growth of Trade
  18. Europeans Explore & Settle in the Americas
  19. Exploration Study Guide
  20. Renaissance Bubble Map/Viewing Guide
2nd Nine Weeks Notebook Items 
21. The Origins of the Renaissance
22. The Renaissance (two pages)
23.Renaissance Artists (two pages)
24. What was the Catholic Church like in the early 1500s? Bubble Map
25. What role did Martin Luther play in the Reformation?
26. Protestant Reformation
27. Effects of the Reformation (CW/HW grade)
28. Scientific Revolution 
29. Enlightenment Vocab 
30. Enlightenment Philosophers
31. Enlightenment WS (CW grade)
32. Adam Smith
33. Enlightenment Review/Study Guide
34. Absolute Monarchy notes (two pages)
35. The Influence of Enlightenment
36. American Revolution/French Revolution Foldable
37. Revolutionary Revelations/Know The News:American Revolution
38. American Revolution (graded)