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Merritt's Homeroom



Thursday 9/12


Learning Target- I can use unit rates to solve problems.  

  • Go over homework
  • Conversions and unit rate quick check
  • HW- study guide- finish by tomorrow


TEST MOnday- Major Grade!  ISN Pg. 10-17. The fraction, decimal and percent conversions will be calculator inactive! There are some review resources under the useful links tab.


Wednesday 9/11


Learning Target- I write 2 different unit rates and determine which one to use in order to solve problems. 

  • Go over homework
  • 2 different unit rates
  • Homework- Pg. 16 (Both sides)
  • Quizzes from last week were returned. Corrections were due by Monday.


****** TEST Monday - ISN PG. 10-17


Tuesday 9/10


Learning Target- I can write a ratio, rate and unit rate.  I can use ratios, rates and unit rates to solve problems

  • Bad Date Video
  • Brochure (Pg. 15)
  • Ratey the math cat video
  • HW- Pg. 14 (1-12)
Monday 9/9
  • Intro to calculators
  • Finish quiz
  • Talk about math resource
  • glue down materials for the rest of the week
Friday 9/6
Quiz (ISN Pg. 6-13)
Thursday 9/5
Learning target- I can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and decimals.  I can convert between fractions, decimals and percents. 
  • Warm Up
  • Go over homework
  • Quizlet Live- used to review for quiz tomorrow
  • Homework- Back of page taped in on pg. 10
Wednesday 9/4
Learning Target- I can convert between fractions and repeating decimals
  • Warm Up
  • Go over homework
  • Conversion graphic notes (Pg. 13)
  • Homework- ISN pg. 10 (Front of worksheet that is tapped in)
********Quiz Friday (ISN Pg. 6-13)
Tuesday 9/3
Learning Target- I can convert between fractions, decimals and percents.   
  • Warm Up
  • Conversion graphic organizer (ISN Pg. 11)
  • HW- ISN Pg. 10
***** Quiz on Friday (ISN pages 6-13)