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Classroom Guidance
Classroom Guidance occurs at least once per 9 weeks, and is designed to educate the entire student population on a key area. This year, we will be going into classes to discuss several topics. 
Topics to be covered in Classroom Guidance this year:
  • Bullying (1st 9 weeks)
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution (2nd 9 weeks)
  • College & Career Readiness (3rd 9 weeks)
  • School Success & Study Skills (4th 9 weeks)
Small Groups
Small Groups are offered in a variety of topics and are designed to meet the needs of a sub-population of the school. Small groups typically consist of less than 10 students and allow the students a safe place to share, heal, and learn together. If you would like to join a small group, refer someone to a small group, or suggest a topic for a small group, please e-mail one of the counselors. 
Small Groups to be offered this year:
  • Test Anxiety
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Skills
  • *More will be added based on need*
Individual Counseling
Counselors can meet with students one-on-one about the students needs.  If you, your student, or a friend needs to see one of the counselors, please ask your teacher to come see us or send us an e-mail!  If it is an emergency, come see us immediately!  We are happy to help! 
If you would like to see a counselor, please click the button below to request a counselor visit!
If you, your student, or someone you know is struggling with something or just needs a safe place to talk, please contact the counselors! We are available 7:30-3:15 every school day. 

We believe that every student can learn and every student matters. We care about You!