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Individual Counseling
Counselors can meet with students one-on-one about the student's needs.
How do I request to see a counselor?
Students may request to see a counselor by emailing their counselor (please do not include any personal information in the email), asking their teacher to email or call their counselor, or by filling out the Counselor Request Form at the bottom of this page.  Parents, Teachers, and Administrators can also refer students by email or the Counselor Request Form. For emergencies, contact a counselor immediately! We are here to help!  [email protected] 
Classroom Guidance
Classroom Guidance is designed to educate the entire student population on a critical area. 

Common topics that are covered in Classroom Guidance:
  • Bullying & POP (Purposeful, Ongoing, Power Imbalance)
  • Inclusion
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution 
  • College & Career Readiness 
  • Growth Mindsets
  • Empathy
  • Courage & Perseverance
  • Invisible Disabilities
  • School Success & Study Skills 
  • Relationships
Small Groups
Small Groups are offered in various topics and are designed to meet the needs of a sub-population of the school. Small groups typically consist of less than ten students and allow the students a safe place to share, heal, and learn together.  

Common Small Groups Topics:
  • Test Anxiety
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Skills
  • Grief
  • Why Try 
  • Anger
If you want to see a counselor, please click the button below to request a visit! 
If you, your student, or someone you know is struggling with something or just needs a safe place to talk, please contact the counselors! We are available 7:30-3:15 every school day. 

We believe that every student can learn and every student matters. We care about You!