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FREE. 24/7Community Resources
Your School Counselors and Social Worker are here to help with immediate needs and can help find resources for you and your family. Click on the images below are a few community resources, but please do not hesitate to ask your Counselor for assistance. 

CFNC-College Foundation of North Carolina 

Suicide Prevention Hotline
Suicide Prevention
Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) FREE. 24/7
Textline: FREE. 24/7
Davidson County Logo
Davidson County Resources

DSS                                                     Family Services of Davidson County
Social Services                                                                                   Assault-Family Services of Davidson County
Phone: (336) 242-2500                                                                        Hotline: (336) 243-1934 

Stop Bullying                                                Say Something
Bullying Resources                                                                   Say Something Anonymous Reporting                 

Substance Abuse 

Daymark Counseling Services                                                                    Hospice of Davidson County
Mental Health Services & Crisis Hotline                                            Grief Counseling
Phone: (866) 275-9552                                                                                   Phone: (336) 475-5444
If you, your student, or someone you know is struggling with something or just needs a safe place to talk, please contact the counselors! We are available 7:30-3:15 every school day. 

We believe that every student can learn and every student matters. We care about You!